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Buttock & Waist Procedures

If you’re looking to go under the knife with a buttock and waist procedure, it is important to find a qualified surgeon that has experience in the type of surgery.

In the UK, all doctors must register with the General Medical Council and have a license to practice and the same applies abroad. Clinics need to be accredited by the local regulator.

Talk to your surgeon:

  • Learn more about their experience and qualifications
  • How many procedures have they performed?
  • How many procedures have they performed in situations where there were complications
  • What type of procedure would they recommend and why?
  • What kind of follow-up should you expect if something goes wrong?
  • What are the satisfaction rates with patients
  • Read reviews and contact the clinics through this portal

Here are some of the more popular buttock and waist procedures:

Brazilian Butt-Lift

Brazilian butt lifts are very popular cosmetic procedures that involve transferring fat to increase the backside’s fullness.

Brazilian fat grafting is a method of obtaining a butt lift. It is known for its natural-looking results. These are the steps involved in this procedure:

  1. Although the procedure is normally performed under anaesthesia, it can also be done using local anaesthesia (numbing medication). If you feel unwell after anaesthesia, it is possible to ask for anti-nausea medication.
  2. The surgeon will then use liposuction to remove fat in other parts of the body such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. The procedure of liposuction involves incisions under the skin and the use of a tube to extract fat from the body.
  3. The body’s fat stores have been purified and are ready for injection into the buttocks.
  4. To give the body a fuller, more round appearance, the surgeon injects the fat in specific areas. For fat transfer, they make three to five incisions around the buttocks.
  5. Both fat transfer incisions and liposuction are closed with stitches. To minimise bleeding, the surgeon will apply a compression garment to the areas that are affected.

Buttocks Implants

Over the years, a large and well-shaped bum has been more popular than ever. Bum implants are a great way to get the curves you want.

You might want to consider buttock implants if: 

  • Your bum is flat and poorly defined
  • Your bum is not sculpted enough to create dramatic curves
  • You desire customised results
  • Brazilian Bum Lifts are not possible if you don’t have enough fat

Buttock implant surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure. It is done under general anaesthesia. Bum implants can be made from silicone cohesive. The body and desired bum size will determine the size and shape of the implants. The incisions are made approximately 5 cm long. The incisions are then closed and covered. A drain is also placed at the time of surgery and then removed after seven days.

Hip Augmentation

Hip augmentation increases the size and width of the hips. This procedure can improve the appearance of the legs and give the body a more attractive shape. Many people have hip augmentation done to achieve a more hourglass figure.

There are two types of hip augmentation. Hip implants and fat grafting. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Although no one plastic surgery is right, many people find that hip augmentation can help them achieve their aesthetic goals. It also helps to improve self-esteem.

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