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Intimate Area Procedures

If you’re looking to go under the knife with a cosmetic surgery procedure around your intimate area, it is important to find a qualified surgeon that has experience in the type of surgery.

In the UK, all doctors must register with the General Medical Council and have a license to practice and the same applies abroad. Clinics need to be accredited by the local regulator.

Talk to your surgeon:

  • Learn more about their experience and qualifications
  • How many procedures have they performed?
  • How many procedures have they performed in situations where there were complications
  • What type of procedure would they recommend and why?
  • What kind of follow-up should you expect if something goes wrong?
  • What are the satisfaction rates with patients
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Here are some of the more popular intimate area cosmetic procedures:

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral Hood Reduction refers to the removal of excess skin from the hood or clitoris. It reduces its size and increases clitoral sensation.

Clitoral Hood Reduction is a standalone procedure that can also be combined with a Labia Minor Reduction. This will remove excess skin folds, rejuvenate, and give you a more balanced and neat genital appearance.


Labiaplasty refers to surgery that reduces the size of the labia minor, the skin flaps either side of the vaginal opening.

This should not be done to females under 18 years old, as the labia continues its development beyond puberty and into adulthood.

A labiaplasty is a procedure that women may want to have because they don’t like their labia even though its normal to notice skin folds around your vagina opening.

Penis Augmentation

Penis Girth Surgery

Penis girth surgery is a surgical technique to increase the size of the penis by injecting fat from another area into the penis. Studies have shown circumference increases of between 1.4 and 4 cm.

Studies that looked at men for longer periods of time show disappointing results. These include disfigurement, scarring and lumpiness, as well as infection.

Another technique, which is still experimental, involves removing the skin from the penis and wrapping a tube-shaped biodegradable frame containing tissue cells around it.

Penis Length Surgery

This involves cutting the ligament connecting the penis to its pubic bone. Then, a skin transplant is carried out at the base to increase the length. The average length increase to the flaccid penis is 2cm. However, the size of the erect penis will not change.

The erect penis will not point as high after the operation, as the ligament that was removed no longer provides support.

It can make sex very uncomfortable. It requires you to be more flexible with your partner. Is gaining 2cm in flaccid length is worth the loss in angle of your erection?


Vaginoplasty is a procedure that reconstructs or repairs the vagina. This procedure treats a variety of medical conditions, including pelvic floor diseases complications and vaginal injuries due to childbirth.  It can also be used to create a transgender void, which allows individuals to achieve their preferred gender identity.

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