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  • Rashid
    November 24, 2021 at 10:57 pm

    I had major issues with my breathing and I was addicted to decongestant nasal sprays to allow me to breath. On top of that my nose was badly crooked due to a couple of breakages in my yesteryears. I went to see Leonart where I had a consultation with Dr Ali. He assured my that he would be able to straighten my crooked nose and dramatically improve my breathing. I underwent the operation and Dr Ali was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I was probably the only patient in the clinic’s history to turn up at the clinic during my recovery phase without an appointment and in panic (you can’t breath through your nose for 7 or 8 days post op, very very uncomfortable) and he’s been absolutely fantastic and attentive to my concerns. Reassured me everytime.
    Almost a year on, my breathing is great, I’ve not touched a decongestant since my procedure. In terms of aesthetics, my nose looks massively improved compared to what it looked like pre-op. Very satisfied.

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